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    The safety of your staff and employees should be paramount. When you have electrical appliances at your workplace you need to ensure that they are safe to be used by everyone. The number of items that fail the portable appliance test is quite shocking, and these particular appliances need to be banned from use by the public. Safety-PAT provides its customers living in and around Stoke on Trent peace of mind knowing they are safe and secure from life-threatening appliances.

    Whether it is a simple fix that can be provided on the spot, to replacing a required item, Safety-PAT will guarantee maximum safety and let you know what kind of action is required. Our reliable team of experts are always ready to provide services to Stoke PAT customers.

    From unrivalled workmanship to providing efficient services that are second to none, The Safety-PAT professionals are fully prepared to take on any business firm, school or any place of residence. Checking on every electrical appliance at your workplace shall ensure that your personnel is safe. The professionals at Safety-PAT have since 1995 been providing impeccable services to Stoke customers who would like their workplace scrutinized and depend on our expertise and undivided attention. It is important that places such as Stoke, which is packed with plenty of businesses, to have PAT testers who are reliable and always available and are only a phone call away.

    Many insurance companies demand that frequent PAT tests be conducted for businesses in Stoke on Trent so as to ensure the lowest premiums possible. So you need to check your policy right now to ensure that you are acquiescent or even call your insurer to know whether regular testing could ultimately lower your premiums.

    Safety-PAT is renowned for its excellent services, and this is because we use only ideal equipment for inspection, In addition to visual analysis of every single appliance. We then provide free repairs where necessary and also extensive reporting. This has earned us an unrivalled reputation for excellence in Stoke.

    Safety-PAT boasts of superior customer services and support. Our staff treats each customer’s premises like it is their own, which means that a job site is left clean and safe throughout the lifetime of the project. It also means that the workplace shall be free from potentially dangerous materials and debris. Simply put, Safety-PAT ensures that our customer’s workplace is properly taken care of.

    Safety-PAT are also able to work around you if for instance PAT tests are inappropriate. Take for example you have a buzzing call center in a packed Stoke office and maybe you don’t want testers under the desks checking computers when your sales agents are busy on the phone or performing other tasks. That is why we provide an out-of-office hour’s service with no extra charges. So we are capable of doing night shifts, early shifts, during the weekends or whatever time you might be flexible with.

    Stoke PAT customers are motivated to get in touch with us regarding any projects that they may be considering. Our professional staff provide a free quotation and we can swiftly gauge how many appliances you have, and how much it would cost.

    Every business around Stoke area that is in need of our services has our unswerving attention-guaranteed. We always publish our PAT Testing Stoke on Trent customer service reviews and comments on our website. This is because we are aware that our customers are fully satisfied with what we do.